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LAAB is a versatile team of architects, designers, engineers, and makers. From home and workplace, to retail and public space, LAAB empowers spatial design with intelligence, craft, and engagement.
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LAAB is a Chartered Architectural Firm with an unorthodox team comprising architects, artists, designers, engineers, and makers.


From home and workplace, to retail and public place, LAAB works on minimal yet intelligent designs to construct inventions for everyday life.


The team has been recognized by Japanese Good Design Award, Design for Asia Award and HSBC Young Business Award.





無論是建築、都巿環境、公共藝術、或是商業、教育及住宅設計,LAAB 致力於以簡約、前瞻的設計方針,應付錯縱複雜的生活問題,實現令人愉悅的生活場景。


團隊的付出先後獲得多個本地及國際奬項,包括日本Good Design獎、亞州最具影力設計獎,以及滙豐青年創業大獎。

Scope of Profession  專業範疇


Architecture Design

Interior Design

Art Commission

Interactive Design

Urban Design

Smart City

Creative Consulting






Partners with consecutive collaborations
Yip Chun Hang  · Architecture Director
葉晉亨  ·  建築總監

MArch HKU . BA(UC Berkley) . AP . HKIA

Winner of “HKIA Hong Kong Young Architect Award 2014”, Hang is an Authorized Person (Architect) with over a decade of experience in design and management of architecture projects prior to LAAB. Received architecture degrees from UC Berkeley and HKU, Hang represented Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. He has also brought in his interest in green and sustainable design into LAAB.

Otto Ng  ·  Design Director
吳鎮麟  ·  設計總監

MArch MIT . BA(AS)(1st Hon) HKU

Otto graduated from MIT where he was awarded Full Tuition Scholarship.  He is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong.  Otto was named Perspective 40 under 40, and Young Gun by Art Directors’ Club of New York.  He spoke at AIA Entrepreneurship Summit, Muji Compact Life Talk, and TEDx Kowloon. Prior to LAAB, he has lived and worked in the US, UK and Italy, designing smart city and visionary architecture.



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