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Park Haven


377 sqft




Otto, Ricci, Hang, Kinmo, Kenneth, Anthony, Honley, Happy



Home, Interior
About This Project

A home at Park Haven, located at the edge of Hong Kong’s busiest commercial district Causeway Bay, is now reconceived as an urban retreat.


Keshia, a globetrotting dining and travel writer, had commissioned Hong Kong interior design architect LAAB and creative studio STYLO VISION for design and curation of her new million-dollar, 400-square-feet apartment at Park Haven.


In a careful blend of Tranquil Blue and Harmonious Green, the bedroom wall now complements the Smoky Walnut bed platform — a secret door to storage while allowing the widest possible horizon of the room. Four sliding doors flexibly expand and merge the bedroom with the living space, seamlessly adjoining both spaces and creating an effluence of simpatico. Digitally engraved on the door is a ripple pattern that captures the moment when a droplet of morning dew quietly free-falls into the water.


Keshia enjoys reading, photography, and intellectual conversations; the minimalist coffee table and ceiling shelves hold her books and over-sized monographs elegantly. She does yoga, cooks with new tricks from Kinfolk, and goes on all-day hikes in rural Hong Kong; at the heart of the living room is a solid wood chandelier handcrafted by LAAB hacking Acacia salad bowls — a floating miniature garden that brightens, enlivens the apartment, and embodies Keshia’s lifestyle.


On sunny days, natural light streams in this small, yet cozy living space, boundlessly connecting it with the outdoor cityscape.