LAAB | Firm
Hong Kong based architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Projects range from architecture, interior, and public space, to interactive art installation and digital fabrication.
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LAAB is a collective of architects, designers, engineers, and makers.   The Hong-Kong-based studio established its identity through a diversity of projects, from architecture and public space, to retail concept, interactive art and transformable residence.


LAAB’s designs embody sensibility, inventiveness, and a subtle sense of humor.  With commitment to innovation and community, the team has been recognized by Japan Good Design Award Best 100, Design for Asia Awards, Perspective Awards, and German iF Design Awards.









團隊的付出得到多個香港及國際的認可,包括「日本優良設計獎最佳 100」、「亞州最具影力設計獎」、「德國iF國際設計獎」等。


Scope of Profession  專業範疇



Architecture Design

Interior Design

Interactive Design

Urban Design

Smart City

Creative Consulting







Partners with consecutive collaborations


Yip Chun Hang  · Architecture Director
葉晉亨  ·  建築總監

MArch HKU . BA Arch UC Berkeley . AP . HKIA

Hang is the Architectural Director of LAAB, a Registered Architect and an Authorized Person with over a decade of architectural design and project management experience.


A UC Berkeley and HKU alumni, Hang represented Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale of Architecture and honored by the “HKIA Young Architect Award”. Besides architecture, he is also a plant enthusiast and seeks to integrate sustainability into projects of LAAB. Hang has lectured architecture at CityU and HKDI, and presented at various architecture seminars.


葉晉亨是LAAB的建築總監,也是香港註冊的建築師以及認可人士。 在UC Berkeley 和HKU畢業後,亨曾代表香港參加威尼斯雙年展,並在2014年得到香港青年建築師獎,也是回歸20周年「城市藝裳計劃:樂坐其中」公共藝術項目的策展人之一。 亨除了有十多年的建築設計項目經驗,對花草也頗有心得,致力把持續再生的概念融合在LAAB 的項目裡。 亨曾於城大及HKDI教授建築設計,並獲邀在不同的場合分享自己的創業和建築經驗。


Otto Ng  ·  Design Director
吳鎮麟  ·  設計總監

MArch MIT . BAAS (1st Hon) HKU

Otto sees cross-disciplinary teamwork as the driving force for innovations.  He also believes that a good design not only can resolve pragmatic problems but also has the power to unburden a heavy heart.


Otto studied architecture at HKU and MIT, and worked in the US, UK and Italy where he designed smart city and visionary architecture. He was named one of the 20 “Young Guns” by New York Art Directors Club, and named as one of the 50 “young game changers shaping Hong Kong’s future” of Tatler’s Generation T.  Currently, he is also an Assistant Professor at HKU teaching computation design.


作為LAAB的設計總監,Otto視跨領域的合作為創新的基礎。Otto認為好的設計不但能解決生活上的問題,也能讓我們回歸初心。在香港大學和美國麻省理工學院畢業後,Otto曾在美國、英國以及意大利工作,並參與智慧城市及建築項目。 Otto在2015年獲得紐約藝術總監青年獎,並在2017年獲香港Tatler雜誌列為Gen-T「50個改變香港未來的青年」之一 。Otto曾在美國建築師企業家論壇、TEDx  Kowloon、MUJI Talk等分享他的設計和創業經驗。



Team (In Alphabetical Order)

Anderson, Aaron, Benji, Catherine, Cathy, Chris, Christina, CK, Daisy, Emily, Ethan, Felix, Hang, Humphrey, Janis, Jesse, Joyce, Joseph, Kee, Kelvin, Kevin, Maggie, Man, Mandy, Michelle, Ming, Miu, Otto, Reagan, Ricki, Roy, Sherry, Tat, Venus, Winson, Yinlih

Alumni (In Alphabetical Order)

Adam, Alfred, Anson, Arthur, Anthony, Bonnie, Brian, Carolyn, Celina, Charlie, Chloe, Debby, Denise, Donald, Edbert, Edith, Edward, Emily Lu, Eugene, Gary, Geoff, Gordon, Happy, Hoching, Hon, Honley, Howey, Hugo, Ivan, Jason, Jeffery, Joey, Joshua, Kathy, Keiko, Kenneth, Kinmo, Lewis, Man, Marcus, Martin, Maxine, Melody, Michael, Michelle Lau, Minjung, Moonfier, Peter, Phoebe, Queenie, Rachel, Ricci, Sammy, Sarah, Sian, Stephanie, Theodora, Timo, Tin, Tyrus, Venessa, Venus, Wing, Wong, Yazh, Yu, Yuen, Zion