LAAB | 9GAG Office
Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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9GAG Office

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Interior, Office
About This Project


Since 9GAG’s establishment in 2008, netizens’ life has become lighter and definitely more fun. 9GAG is one of the leading online social platforms to share fun and laughters. While 9GAG is delivering humors to millions of netizens worldwide, LAAB architects takes up the responsibility to design a fun and elegant new 9GAG office.


Inside an industrial high-rise in Hong Kong, LAAB’s design turned a former mini-storage warehouse into an edgy office with plenty of natural light showering through the persevered perimeter windows.


Inspired by 9GAG’s web and app interface, LAAB designed a minimalist black and white interior juxtaposing against the raw industrial shell that was preserved as artifact and curiosity for the past.


To align with 9GAG’s vision, transparency, sharing, and the sense of community are the keywords for the design strategy.  The over 5000-square-feet floor is curated as three major areas: “9PARK”,  “9DESKS” and “9SHEDS”.


“9PARK” is an undefined wide open space carpeted in green, large enough for whole team and guests for activities ranging from weekly “Town Hall” event and daily meetings, to games, lounging and camping.


“9DESKS” has islands of white open desks that are flexibly assigned to different project teams, to be shared based on daily needs. Adjustable sit-stand stations allow the employees to work with their desirable posture. The communal kitchen at the heart of the space breaks up the otherwise cold working environment.


“9SHEDS” are a number of enclosed meeting rooms along the edge of the desk area. These rooms are defined by distinctive dimension, mood, privacy and transparency, planned to fit different types of meetings and workshops.


9GAG科技公司是美國矽谷的著名Start-up,以有趣的新聞和爆笑的改圖成為年輕人主要的社交平台,每月有近 8 千萬網民瀏覽,可以說是全球最具影響力的網站之一。LAAB為9GAG打造香港的總部,把原有的工廠式倉庫格局,改造為陽光充足的開放式工作室。這個設計除了呼應9GAG App界面的對比色調,還配合他們引以為傲的團隊文化,把三分一的面積預留為「9PARK」的休憩空間,鋪上人造草地毯和多個懶人沙發,讓同事們既能寫意地工作,也可以增進同事之間的合作交流和創意氛圍。「9DESKS」是一行行白色的辦公桌, 旁邊是可自動升降的站立式工作檯,讓員工可以任意改變工作的姿勢,而 「9SHEDS」是開會的地方,玻璃的設計呈現內外一體的感覺。


Design Team:

Jason, Happy, Kathy, Hang, Ricci, Otto