LAAB | Colourscape
Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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Design for Asia Award - Silver Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Award





Core LAABers

Hon Chan, Kelvin Lam, Alfred Pun, Happy Yam, Otto Ng

Supporting LAABers

Catherine Cheng, Jesse Hao, Daisy Lam, Yip Chun Hang

Design Statement

Colourscape is an interactive plaza designed using the interlace of different classical elements—Police Married Quarters (PMQ, hereafter) (architecture), MT Tape (material), and Bauhaus weaving (technique). Once designed as a residential space, the architecture of PMQ was meant to enhance interaction and neighborhood encounters. Stood in the middle of PMQ is a courtyard where different happenings occurred, overseeing by people standing in the hallway of upper levels. MT Tape Is a Japanese washi paper masking tape with a hundred year of brand history. We utilized PMQ’s architectural design and used MT Tape to weave a public space where people can observe, play, and interact. We studied Bauhaus weaving technique and selected the most classic colours of MT Tape, such as blue, pink, and yellow, as our medium of expression to craft a colourful space, or what we called “Colorscape.” We also installed curved mirror of different forms, such as rolls, half-circle, and pins, to reflect the tapestry on the floor, visually blurring the interface between dream and reality, abstraction and clarity, image and movement. The mirror reflects and distorts the surrounding colours and images; as people move from one space to another, their body movement are also reflected. The distortion of the human figure creates moments of interaction among people, all of which becomes another layer of spectacle and points of interaction for people standing from the upper levels.

Art, Installation
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