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Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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Cotton Run

Sponsor & Curator

PMQ · deTour · CreateHK


Carolyn, Yazh, CK, Ming, Hon, Happy, Phoebe, Hugo, Ho Ching, Gary, Yuen, Bonnie, Zion, Chloe, Yinlih, Michael, Venessa, Hang, Otto, Ricci

Supported by

Animotion, WKP, CKK



About This Project


As one of the global cities in Asia, people in Hong Kong are always on the run, for work, for life, for unaccomplished goals. After we weather the storm, we all hope that our “sweat” can turn into something “sweet.” As a message of encouragement to the public, in this year’s detour event we created Cotton Run, a pioneer running machine that combines sports with dessert-making.


Cotton Run consists of a wheel-like kinetic treadmill and a cotton candy machine. The exterior of the treadmill is animated with thunder, lightning, and mist to mimic a thunderstorm and the inside is equipped with a screen that displays cotton clouds. As one run on the treadmill, his/her energy can activate the connecting machine that produce cotton candy. The more the person runs, the more cotton-candy produced.


The making of Cotton Run was truly an interdisciplinary collaboration within the team: design and fabrication by architects; fogging, structure, and mechanics by engineers; animation by graphic designers; arduino electronic and unity 3D game system by media artists and programmers; and cotton-candy making by our “dessert chefs”.  The interdisciplinary collaboration among different specialists have made Cotton Run a unique media artwork.


The entire project was developed and fabricated at our Fabrication Lab in the New Territories, Hong Kong. With CNC fabrication technology, we customized all parts with high precision and great efficiency. A couple of wheels were prototyped before the final version in order to ensure perfect mechanics and crafts.


Cotton Run was designed to deliver a positive message to people who are undergoing hardship as they pursue their dreams, especially for youths in Asia who are constantly challenged by future uncertainty. By combining running and cotton-candy making, we hope that participants would be encouraged that their sweat would eventually turn into something sweet. On an interactional level, Cotton Run made sports more fun by encouraging teamwork and human interaction as the wheel could accommodate two to three persons. Non-runners can also participate by making the cotton-candy.


在都市生活的人,大多行色匆匆。不是為了工作,為了生活,就是為了迎接每天的挑戰。在經歷風雨之後,每個人都渴望辛苦的汗水可以變成甜蜜的回報。為了鼓勵每天辛苦苦幹的都市人,在香港PMQ 2016 deTour 的 活動中,LAAB創造了一個結合跑步和甜品製作的互動藝術裝置「筋斗RUN」。


LAAB 運用數碼操控製作的技術來製作「筋斗RUN」。整個互動裝置由輪狀的跑步機和連結的棉花糖製作器組成 。跑步者的能量可以帶動棉花糖製作。跑得越多,棉花糖滾的越大。我們在跑步機的外殼投射打雷閃電的環境,內置的螢幕則是烏雲層層,寓意著都市人在經歷痛苦的煎熬後定會得到甜美的回報。


「筋斗RUN」的製作結合了LAAB團隊裡不同專家的力量,像是外殼的設計和製作由建築師負責,音響的部分由媒體藝術家製作,而煙霧,結構和工程的部分則有我們團隊的工程師來操刀。LAAB相信藝術不該拒人於千里之外,而是應該融人的生活裡,帶給人們視覺和心靈上的滿足。 通過「筋斗RUN」這個互動的藝術裝置,我們希望能為壓力滿滿的香港人打氣加油!