LAAB | Garden Restroom
Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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Garden Restroom


Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award

Project Team

Client: Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSARG and New World Development Company Limited | Design Architect: LAAB Architects | Executive Architect & Authorized Person: Ronald Lu & Partners | Design Landscape Architect: James Corner Field Operation | Executive Landscape Architect: Urbis | Lighting Designer (Exterior): Speirs & Major | Lighting Designer (Interior): Lightswitch | M&E Engineer: WSP | Signage Designer: Pentagram | Structural Engineer: Arup


Core LAABers: Sherry, Yin Lih, Gordon, Otto Supporting LAABers: Alfred, Happy, Hon, Minjung, Kelvin, Catherine, Janis, Anderson, Charlie, Hang


Garden Restroom is a public lavatory LAAB Architects designed for the Salisbury Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui. The translucent facade rolls up to the roof, bringing natural sunlight to the interior; at night, the architecture lights up like a lantern in the dark. Borrowing the architectural language of adjacent buildings, we use timber fins to create a diagonal pitched roof, providing a dynamic spatial experience for visitors while creating a visual surprise for those standing from afar. Inside the lavatory, we construct a curvilinear wall to create enclosure with a sense of privacy, while concealing light bulbs, speakers, and exhaust fans underneath. Garden Restroom plays the sound of flowing water, users can enjoy a moment of privacy with comfort and ease. 茅室是 LAAB 為尖沙咀梳士巴利花園設計的公共廁所。半透明的磨砂玻璃從地下延伸至屋頂,把四周的自然環境帶進茅室。白天, 室內清明透徹,讓大家可以安心地歇腳;夜裡,它默然佇立,是陪伴旅人趕路的一盞燈。屋頂是傾側的,我們借用了周遭建築的設計語言,用木條刻畫茅室的細紋,豐富了花園的視覺效果和空間體驗。 茅室的入口開敞明亮, 如廁空間卻很隱密。我們用連綿起伏的牆來規劃室內的空間, 同時把燈,喇叭和抽風機等設備隱藏起來。室內還有大自然潺潺的流水聲,讓大家能輕鬆自在地方便 。

Architecture, Interior
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