LAAB | HKU Chi Sun Library
LAAB is a collective of architects, designers, and makers in Hong Kong led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Projects include public architecture, interior design, interactive art, digital fabrication, and transformable apartment.
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HKU Chi Sun Library 志新齋


Jesse, Carolyn, Venessa, Alfred, Daisy, Tat, Anderson, Hon, Emily, Sherry, Janis, Kelvin, Kenneth, Catherine, Otto, Hang

Design Statement

“It’s not what a library stocks, it’s what it shares” - James Bridle. Technology advancement has shaped library design, shifting the focus from bookshelves to multimedia systems. As information becomes readily accessible, how can a library function as a space for knowledge and idea exchange? At HKU Chi Sun College , a college that houses students from 60 nationalities across 10 faculties, we redefined a library as an interactive space that brings students together for knowledge and cultural exchange. At the center of the library is the "Knowledge Chamber", a transitional space where students can sit and talk freely. In the shape of a “thought bubble,” knowledge chamber is surrounded by seven zones — Play, Listen, Meet, Experience, Relax, Work, and Collaborate — each designed with a different mood and color. For instance, the Play and Listen rooms are in energy-boosting orange and yellow for games and performance. Relax, Work, and Collaborate are in green and blue, creating a calming energy for quieter activities, such as reading and writing. By bonding students together, this unconventional library is where inspirations arise and thrive.

Architecture, Education, Interior, Office
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