LAAB | K11 Musea – Nature Discovery Park
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Architecture, Art, Education, Exhibition, F&B, Gallery, Retail
About This Project


Nature Discovery Park

The Nature Discovery Park on Level 8 of K11 MUSEA is a design collaboration by PLandscape and LAAB Architects, with lighting design by Speirs + Major.   The Park immerses visitors in natural wonders by offering experiential learning and farm-to-table dining experiences. In the middle of the Nature Discovery Park is the Conservatory that brings local, seasonal crops to the table. The Conservatory features large glass sliding doors that open up its interior to the outdoor Farm, sheltered by a rhythmic roof inspired by the lightness and the dynamic movement of butterfly wings. During the day, the seasonal crops grown in the Farm paint the views of the Conservatory. At night, the Firefly Tree lightings designed by Speirs and Major lights up the park, offering a magical experience in the dark.  Surrounding the Conservatory is the Archive, the Vivarium, the Farm,  the Butterfly Garden, and the Nursery, all carefully cultivated to offer a diverse and immersive urban nature discovery experience inside K11 MUSEA.