LAAB | K11 Musea – Opera Theatre
Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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Architecture, Art, Gallery, Installation, Interior, Retail
About This Project


K11 MUSEA’s Opera Theatre

K11 MUSEA is envisioned as a new cultural-retail destination in Hong Kong.  From the Escalating Climbers and the hovering Oculus to the rustic, hand-painted maroon spandrels that add a fluid flow to the cavernous space, the grand atrium which is called the Opera Theatre creates an otherworldly theatrical effect to its overall architectural design. It is an amalgamation of creativity, innovation, digital craftsmanship, and an artisanal spirit.


The Oculus

Hovering above the 33-meter-tall grand atrium, Theatre Oculus creates a magnificent chamber volume for visitors to pause, gather, and interact.  Inspired by the architecture of classical cathedrals, LAAB’s design is an intricate organic vault sculpture made of a network of branches embracing two seven-meter-wide skylights. Digitally designed and generated using programming codes similar to DNAs, and fabricated using a composite of bent steel with glass-fiber-reinforced polymer, none of the 500 branches are identical. Hundreds of programmable spotlights embedded in the branches animate and pulse collectively to provide a soothing and natural environment throughout the day.


Escalating Climbers & Maroon Spandrels

Designed by LAAB, Escalating Climbers is an organic sculpture marks the threshold of K11 MUSEA’s grand atrium. Like a sprawling rhizome, the design enlivens the upward motion of the escalators. With rustic paintwork directed by William Lam of L&L, the overhead spandrel peels off to reveal the rhizomatic stems, which sprouts, bifurcates, and weaves to grow an organic network over the escalator. The Escalating Climbers have been meticulously hand-crafted from stainless steel and form an ongoing spatial dialogue with the Theatre Oculus for visitors to ponder.


Artisan Lounge

Designed by LAAB, the Artisan Lounge is conceived as a living and dining room of the K11 MUSEA Opera Theatre, where visitors can enjoy drinks and food while immersed in the artisanal quality of the grand atrium.  Three components, the Café, the Bar, and the Shop, define the Artisan Lounge.  Situated under the Theatre Oculus, the Café is a sit-down area where food and drinks are served. The Bar is a casual hangout space where people can sit or stand while enjoying their drinks. Next to the Bar, the Shop sells on-the-go drinks and cakes, as well as special souvenirs of the K11 MUSEA.

Specific features in Burgundy and Bronze were designed to highlight each area. Burgundy conveys sophistication and elegance, while bronze echoes with the materials used in other iconic design features in K11 MUSEA Opera Theatre, such as the Escalating Climbers and the Theatre Oculus. An organic ceiling feature is hanged above the Shop and an eye-catching wine glass holder made of bronze-tinted-stainless-steel defines the bar area. At the Café, people can enjoy the Theatre Oculus and Escalating Climbers, two organic architectural features also designed by LAAB that define the K11 MUSEA Opera Theatre. Together, the Café, the Bar, and the Shop orchestrate a welcoming entrance experience in the K11 MUSEA Opera Theatre.



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