LAAB | Air Craft · Hermès
Hong Kong architects, artists, interior designers, and makers led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Our awards-winning studio designs public space, interactive art, architecture, and interiors, with projects ranging from gallery, museum, office, retail, hotel, and cafe.
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Air Craft · Hermès




Otto, Ricci, Kenneth, Edith, Carolyn, Ming, Venessa, Honley, Happy, Catherine, Hang, Kathy, Yuen


Aaron Chen, Otto (Taipei), Carolyn (Guam), Phoebe (Tokyo)

Art, Retail
About This Project


LAAB shares with Hermès the passion for creative craftsmanship and meticulousness to perfect every detail. They intended to create not only a special art windows but a captivating experience for any visitors.


In this series of “Air Craft”, we presented a story through the art windows for each city:  “Rendezvous” in Taipei,  “Leviators” in Tokyo, “Ocean Legend” in Guam.



“Air Craft: Rendezvous” is an art window display that LAAB designed for Hermès at Taipei Taoyuan Airport Terminal II. Taiwan’s renowned artist Jimmy Liao published a book called “Turn Left, Turn Right”which inspired the theme of this design.  In Jimmy’s book, the male protagonist always turns right and the female protagonist always turns left.  They meet and lose each other in serendipity, and eventually, they reunite on a night of snow.  We upstaged this beautiful story in the windows of Hermès store at Taoyuan Airport.

The “Air-craft: Rendezvous” breaks the convention that uses mannequins to display clothings.  Instead, we used aerodynamic curves and careful curation of lightings to portray body figures.  We used digital fabrication to die-cut white polypropylene sheets into aerodynamic fins, forming the figures of white bodies on a black stainless steel backdrop.  Together with the Hermès products and accessories, we produced the scenes where the protagonists turn left and right with luggage in hands, and reunite at the “Air-craft”


《空中偶遇》是LAAB為Hermès在台北桃園機場第二航廈設計的櫥窗藝術。 台灣著名插畫家幾米編寫的浪漫愛情繪本《向左走 • 向右走》,啟發了LAAB 以偶遇重逢的概念作為這次設計的主題。 在幾米老師的繪本中,男女主角總是習慣性的向左走和向右走,他們在巧合中偶遇,倉徨中失散,經歷無數相思的夜晚後又在雪地重逢。 我們把男女主角偶遇,離散,最後相逢的劇本搬上Hermès在機場的櫥窗。

LAAB 《空中偶遇》的藝術櫥窗打破傳統以人體模特兒展現服裝的框框,利用氣流線條和光線呈現人形體態。我們運用數位切隔 (digital fabrication) 的技術把白色的膠片切隔成氣流線條,組織成人體形態後用襯托在黑色的不鏽鋼板上。 配上專櫃的衣物,射燈的折射,呈現出男女主角向左向右,拿著行李失散,最後在機場Hermès重逢的畫面。