LAAB | WALLS / SCENES · Oil Street
LAAB is a collective of architects, designers, and makers in Hong Kong led by Yip Chun Hang and Otto Ng. Projects include public architecture, interior design, interactive art, digital fabrication, and transformable apartment.
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WALLS / SCENES . Oil Street


Carolyn, CK, Gary, Happy, Yuen , Hang, Otto, Ricci


Oil Street, Happy

Art, Installation
About This Project

牆,不再只是分隔空間的建築裝置,而是牽動群眾互動的藝術媒介。我們希望透過創造不同的《 牆 / 境 》,讓眾人在不停演變的空間中活動和協調。

牆境遍佈油街草地上的每個角落,也能夠組合岀獨特的空間輪廓。 《 牆 / 境 》是一個探討人在有限空間裏互相妥協的處境題。我們鼓勵大家想一想每個牆境組合所帶出的啟示,像是平衡點的拿捏、人與人之間的協商。




WALLS are no longer just architectural devices that divide space, but a form of media art for public interaction.

At Oi!, WALLS allow various activities to negotiate spaces on a small plot of grassland and to make multiple SCENES of lives. Each WALL has its own character, they can open, roll, rotate, grow and magnetize – you name it! What’s more, they are waiting for visitors to play with them!

Thinking of places to go in the summer? Why don’t you invite your friends to Oil! for a secret movie night at the WALLS / SCENES? Come MAKE A SCENE!