Phillips Asia Headquarters
West Kowloon, Hong Kong

An open, flexible, and innovative auction house

©Otto Ng

Located next to M+ Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, Phillips’ new Asia Headquarters embraces an open, flexible, and innovative spirit that prepares it to meet the changing demands of exhibitions and auction experiences.

Encompassing more than 50,000 sqft spreading across six floors, Phillip’s new HQ will be one of the largest auction houses in Asia that have galleries, an auction room, an event space, a café, a lounge, and offices.


The glass façade on the ground floor is maintained to create a sense of transparency and connection between the Artist Square and the gallery, engaging the public to enter the gallery and the auction room, which were once the privilege of the invited guests.

©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng

To accommodate the ever-changing demands of the auction house, LAAB designs a flexible space that can be reconfigured to cater to specific needs. Movable doors integrated into the thickened walls and columns can be pulled out to reconfigure the space from one setting to another, which is especially important to accommodate the demand for rapid spatial interchangeability during auction seasons. All infrastructure is meticulously concealed in the white ceilings, columns, walls, and solid oak floorings to accentuate and highlight the artwork.

In the post-COVID world, where the digital has penetrated our lives in unprecedented ways, the auction experience has also gone online. The auction house at Phillips is conceived as an experimental ground that is equipped with all the infrastructure to integrate the physical and digital auction experiences.

©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng

Interior Design Consultancy

expected 2023

West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

52,000 sqft


Gleeds, Talent, Arup, Questor, Cupio, Security Associates, Auora, Media Go, Befrank, JMK

Otto Ng,  Sherry Fung, Kevin Chau, Venus Lung, Ziv Cheung, Katie Lai, Daisy Lam, Charis Liu, Arthur Sze, Brian Cheung, Yazh Yip, Christina Kong, Emily Fok, Humphrey Keung, Nathan Tsang, Jacky Chau, Miu Pun, Ethan Chan, Nickson Chan, Liza Wong, Robert Tang, Winson Man, Raphael Kwok, Catherine Cheng, Yip Chun Hang