Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

A Reinvented Workshop Tower that forms Part of the Picturesque Mountainscape.

©Tugo Cheng

99 COMMONS is a reinvented workshop tower in Tuen Mun designed to revitalize the aging industrial town by gathering a community of young entrepreneurs and creatives.
We distilled elements from the surrounding nature, including the iconic Castle Peak, the blue sky, the tree branches, and the Light Rail, to inform the design and crafts of the façade and lobby interior.

©Tugo Cheng

The Sky and the Mountain

The building façade was designed by pixelating the Castle Peak and the blue sky. Four types of ceramic tiles with different shades of green and blue were digitally programmed to curate a controlled yet organic visual tessellation. 1:1 mocks-up were experimented on-site to achieve an organic composition of hue and glossiness.

Japanese ceramic tiles are hailed for their durability, precise craftsmanship, and poetic reflection of changing hues. More than a million Japanese tiles of different glossiness were chosen to create a vivid play with light and shadow, making it part of the sky and the mountain-scape.


The Light and the Mountain

There are a total of 338 individual units on 18 floors at 99 COMMONS. Each Studio Unit enjoys a big square window. The structural engineer has helped eliminate the corner columns for all Corner Units with a cantilever structure. The glass curtain wall of the Corner Units and the Penthouse maximizes sunlight as well as the immersive mountain view, while at the same time creating an iconic T-shape for the architectural profile at the street corner.

©Tugo Cheng
©Otto Ng

The Tree Branches and the Overhead Lines

While the mountain and the sky informed the building façade design, the tree branches and overhead lines of Light Rail — an urban feature of Tuen Mun — inspired the design of utilitarian elements, such as air-conditioner grilles, entrance canopy, and metal gates. The horizontal metal lines and frames fit in with the movement of the trees and the Light Rail. Taking cues from tree trunk, the vertical lift core of the building is lined with rustic ceramic tiles to extend a sense of nature to the interior of whole tower.

©Tugo Cheng
©Otto Ng

(English) Japan Good Design Award

(English) Winner

(English) Façade Architecture, Lobby & Showsuite Interior, Branding Design

(English) 2021

(English) 190,000 sqft

(English) Sage Properties

(English) C K Lau; Associates, Lui Tang Lai Architects, Greg Wong & Associates, Consolidated Consulting Engineers, Rider Levett Bucknall, Editecture

(English) Otto Ng, Sherry Fung, Phoebe Kung, Kevin Chau, Joseph Yu, Yazh Yip, Catherine Cheng, Chun Hang Yip