(English) Fargo Space
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

(English) A sense of family in a private bankers’ lounge

(English) Fargo Space is a lounge for private banking clients, a co-working space for private bankers, and an office for Fargo Wealth. Catering to clients from high-net-worth families, LAAB instilled a sense of family in the design to create a warm, cozy, and refined experience while considering security, functionality, and a sense of privacy. Soft furniture with round edges in an earthy tone of beige and shades of brown were used along with sunlight, wood, and fine brass details to conjure a sense of home in this lounge.

©Otto Ng

(English) An open, expansive sun-lit “living room” with a panoramic harbor view filled with upholstered furniture and a classy bar defines the co-working space entrance. A reflective ceiling creates a mirage of water, enhancing the sense of height.

©Otto Ng

(English) “How to create privacy in a bankers’ co-working space?” is the question that we grabbled with while designing the Fargo Space. Our layout created a number of enclosed rooms that offer private space for meetings without compromising the social spaces in between. The spatial planning also maximizes exposure to the harbour view.

©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng

(English) Throughout Fargo Space, we designed a diversity of reconfigurable rooms to accommodate specific needs, including a boardroom, a tearoom, multiple meeting rooms & VIP rooms, phone booths, a gym, an open office with lockers, and banker’s rooms that satisfy SFC licensing requirements. The harbour view boardroom can be combined with the lounge space to form a large event space.

As many clients are travelers, massage rooms are equipped with massage chairs to ensure a comfortable nap. The tearoom, gym room, and special guest area provide games, snacks, and entertainment for children while their parents meet with their private bankers.

©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng

(English) Interior Design, Branding, Contracting

(English) 2021

(English) Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

(English) 10,000 sqft

(English) Fargo Wealth

(English) Otto Ng, Kevin Chau, Ethan Chan, Kee Chan, Emily Fok, Yinlih Tham, Daisy Lam, Venus Lung, Catherine Cheng