(English) VP Bank Office
Central, Hong Kong

(English) When private banking feels like home

©Otto Ng

(English) Bank usually gives people the impression of cold and impersonal space. VP Bank offers tailor-made services for their private clients and we want to design a space that is welcoming and comfortable. To curate this homey mood, we used high-quality wood materials extensively throughout the space together with colourful upholstery and details picked from the bank’s branding palette. The design induces a sense of human touch and celebrates local artisanship with hand-painted texture walls as the backdrop of the lobby. The artisanal spirit is also enhanced by our handcrafted solid wood table.

©Otto Ng

(English) There are two doors leading to the meeting room and VIP room on each side of the reception. People can see what is happening in the rooms through two round windows. The round doors and windows symbolize accessibility and transparency, which are the core values of VP bank. The curvatures in the space also smoothen the spatial experience and make one feel more relaxed.

To cater to the increase in online meetings, all rooms are well-equipped with video conference set-up and whiteboards for collaborations. The director’s rooms can also be transformed into smaller meeting rooms to allow multiple meetings to happen at the same time.

Health and wellness are more important now than ever. The open-plan office maximizes the amount of sunlight diffused into the space.

©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng
©Otto Ng

(English) Interior Design, Main Contracting

(English) 2022

(English) Central, Hong Kong

(English) 5,000 sqft

(English) VP Bank

(English) Otto Ng, Kevin Chau, Venus Lung, Daisy Lam, Chun Hang Yip, Catherine Cheng