(English) Victoria Dockside
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

(English) A harbourfront journey guided by urban nature


(English) Victoria Dockside is the new cultural district at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront encompassing the Avenue of stars, Salisbury Road, and K11 MUSEA.

LAAB designed a family of special features from the outdoor public space to the interior and rooftop of K11 MUSEA, creating a connected journey through an organic geometry inspired by nature while responding to its particular urban context.

©Otto Ng, Vivien Liu, Otto Ng

(English) Coming from the Tsim Sha Tsui East station, visitors are greeted by a forest structure known as the Salisbury Treescape. The Garden Restroom serves as a public toilet for visitors. At the Avenue of Stars, the kinetic Harbour Kiosk feeds visitors while moving to harbour waves.

@Otto Ng

(English) The Climbers and the Oculus define the K11 MUSEA Atrium space and immerse visitors in a galaxy of artisanal craftsmanship. Conceived as the living and dining room of the K11 MUSEA atrium, the Artisan Lounge offers drinks and food under the galaxy of stars. Featuring the Arches, the Ovals, and the Hexagons, the Bohemian Garden is a rooftop public park for family and friends.

@Otto Ng

(English) The Nature Discovery Park on L8 of K11 MUSEA immerses visitors in natural wonders by offering experiential learning and farm-to-table dining experiences.

©Jackie Chan

(English) American Institute of Architects Awards

(English) Citation (Urban Design, HK Region)

(English) HKIUD Urban Design Awards

(English) Grand Award Winner

(English) HKILA Awards

(English) Winner

(English) Design for Asia Awards

(English) Bronze

(English) Public Space, Architecture, Interior Design

(English) 2019

(English) New World Development

(English) 100 Creative Powers

(English) Otto Ng, Sherry Fung, Chun Hang Yip, Catherine Cheng, Yinlih Tham, CK Wong, Brian Cheung, Venus Lung, Daisy Lam, Reagan Lee, Ming Ho, Jesse Hao, Gordon Yuen, Kelvin Lam, Michael Cheung, Eugene Tse, Melody Siu, Joseph Yu, Chloe Yau, Minjung Kim, Anderson Chan, Alfred Pun, Hon Chan